A New Year, A New You

December 31, 2014

vixen-2vixen-4vixen-3vixen-1vixen-5My name is Shireen Sandoval and I’m a smart, strong, fierce, independent, beautiful woman. I’m a Video Vixen. I don’t have to apologize for it, either. In fact, I relish in it. I believe and trust in myself unequivocally because I am lifted by a sisterhood of women called the Vixen Army. (Now, could someone cue the music, please?)

I first met Janet Jones, a former Miami Heat dancer and the Commander-in-Chief of the Vixen Army, a few years ago when I was on assignment for Deco Drive. At the time, I was trying to fulfill a pipe dream of sorts: performing as a dancer in a Hip-Hop music video.

Actually, I would have settled for a flagrant, self-centered model-like cameo, whilst walking down a Miami Beach catwalk half-naked with a tiger on a leash, but in true entertainment television style, my Executive Producer, Geoff Leval (yes, I’m outing him) decided the pursuit of my impending Vixen-hood would make for “good television.”

To make my cray-cray dream a reality, we enlisted the help of one of our youngest staff writers at the time, Eli Ferradas (who also happened to be a former Miami Heat dancer.) Eli, who was assigned to produce the story, hooked me up with Janet, who had just started her Video Vixen Workout class.

Janet was a retired professional dancer with mind-blowing experience and one helluva resume to boot. She had been wiggling, jiggling, twerking, popping and locking it (in major music videos, the awards circuit and live performances) way before Miley Cyrus ever came along. One day, Janet quit dancing and joined the corporate world.

Read the rest of my “A New Year, A New You” journey at www.wsvn.com or learn more about Janet Jones and her Vixen Workout at www.VixenWorkout.com. Happy 2015 fashionistas!


Our first birthday

bob_0561_FotorI still can’t wrap my head around everything that has happened over the last year.  We turned 1 this October, so in celebration we hosted our largest workout to date at Story Nightclub, November 16th.  This is the second time we take to workout to a South Beach hotspot to unveil our new material (first was LIV back in June).  The goal of these events is for our Vixen Army to feel like they are participating in their own concert.   I spend months searching for music, seeing whats trending in the clubs and looking for inspiration both visually and artistically.    story102_Fotorstory6

For the Story event I partnered up with my brother, Anthony Jones, who mixed the music for the event.  Once I knew what key elements I wanted in the show, Anthony helped piece it together which is the most challenging part.  He created great intros to each section which really added to the performance quality of the event.  Funny thing is Anthony doesn’t have any professional experience or fancy training in music; he’s just an uber-talented soul with major skills on garageband and great instincts musically for live performances.


I went a little different musically this go around, and added some “Dance” tracks from artists like Diplo, David Guetta, Major Lazor, and Mak J to name a few.  Still had our regular sophistiratchet favorites like Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Pitbull, and of course the Queen B but I wanted to bring in a different genre to compliment what we already had.  I had been inspired by a few DJs I had seen recently and the overall energy in the audience caused by the drops and rises on their tracks.  The lyrics to Diplo’s Revolution “Dont let them steal your light, Dont let them break your stride… this is a revolution” definitely resonated with me and what the workout stands for.


It took a few weeks of rehearsals with our amazing instructors & assistants to put it together (some 2am rehearsal nights).  Our outfits were styled by the same team that worked on our LIV event: Natallye Torres (Social Stylist) and Kristina Ashley (Kristina Ashley Swim). Pictured below is the amazing Vixen Workout Miami dance staff.

story5The lights and the video capabilities of the venue were unmatched. I was extremely excited to be able to shoot a video intro and it was important for me to set the tone for the experience.  I brought in the talented Mary Beth Orman to hang out with us one day & shoot me in my element. My brother created the concert intro and recorded me reciting our “Vixen Anthem”.  Wallace Cruz who edited the intro used footage from class and the footage Mary beth caught that day.

Concert Intro

I used the blindfold in the video as symbolism for how we as women choose to see ourselves… sometimes we don’t see ourselves at all.  I hope through our classes you can see yourself as you truly are,  A VIXEN.



Stay Hungry, Live Fierce.