Master classes



Once a month the Vixen Workout holds a 2-hour Master Class in Miami and New York.  The purpose of the Master is to be able to teach Vixen technique and thoroughly explain the moves that you will see in class. We teach you how to correctly execute the movement so you can go “full-out” in your next Vixen Workout.  The class usually begins with isolations, which is when you isolate a particular part of your body.  I do this in order to make the class aware of each body part and to warm up the body for our exercises.  I then start teaching how to execute individual moves that are frequently seen in the workout.  After the class looks comfortable with the individual moves, I start phrasing them together.  What I mean by choreography “phrases” is a combination of our individual moves.  Think of each individual move as being a word, and our phrases being sentences and each routine is a story.  Since the goal of our regular Vixen Workouts is to get your heart rate up so you can burn fat and get a total-body workout, we are unable to stop and explain every single routine before doing it.  That’s why the Master class is highly recommended for both veterans and novices.  If you missed this Master class, don’t worry.  We have one every month usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month.  Sign up at

Here are some pics of Saturday’s Master Class in Miami.



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