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90min Calorie Burn 1.12.15


The Vixen Army woke up early on Saturday January 9th to join Bianca and Ana at Body & Soul, in Coconut Grove, for our 90 min Calorie burn. We ask our Vixens to wear their calorie counters and prepare themselves for a real sweat.

2014-07-31 22.14.212014-07-31 22.20.27

Ladies crowded Body & Soul on Saturday Jan 9th bringing along friends, co workers, Vixen friends, and of course, their calorie counters.

2014-07-31 22.19.41

The Vixen instructors rehearsed routines before the class was packed.

2014-07-31 22.23.18

It wasn’t too quick after that, Ana and Bianca had the girls warming up with 35 booty pops! Yes, booty pops is a thing.

2014-07-31 22.32.312014-07-31 22.39.002014-07-31 22.39.362014-07-31 22.42.052014-07-31 22.48.432014-07-31 22.48.502014-07-31 22.43.472014-07-31 22.49.022014-07-31 22.53.052014-07-31 22.54.04

Bianca knows how to keep the class energy up! You think she’s small? This girl won’t stop!

2014-07-31 22.55.162014-07-31 22.55.332014-07-31 23.03.102014-07-31 23.02.412014-07-31 22.56.45

Ana werkin’ it with the girls.

2014-07-31 23.14.022014-07-31 23.18.392014-07-31 23.19.47

Booty Battle time! DJ Laz is blasted through those speakers and we’re taking it way back to middle school.

2014-07-31 23.23.112014-07-31 23.22.57

2014-07-31 23.38.172014-07-31 23.39.20

We are the Vixen Army!

2014-07-31 23.49.23


We received some client calorie counter shots after class, showing off how much they burned. Way to go girls!


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