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LifeStyleHer: Twerk School – Vixen Workout

By Mashonda and Elizabette Quezada for LifeStyleHer |August 16, 2013

ATTENTION LADIES!!! Are you a sultry bombshell? Are you a sensual diva? Are you a seductive temptress? Millions of women around the world today are exploring different forms of exercise, not only to burn calories but to join together and release their inhibitions!

One class that is trending from Miami all the way to NYC is the VIXEN WORKOUT!!! Miami Native, Janet Jones, created a fast-paced cardio session infused with the latest Hip-Hop moves where students are expected to burn anywhere between 500-1000 calories/class, all while having fun with friends at classes branded as the official “Twerk School” of the East Coast.

The newest fitness trends infuse routines that not only help sculpt your body, but that also promote exuding sex appeal, confidence, and female empowerment. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance, or you want to learn new moves to bring back to the bedroom, spicing up your workout hasn’t ever been this much fun!

After such an intense workout, ladies, don’t forget to stock up on your FILA Cool Body Sports Towels (found on They ensure you stay cool, hydrated and radiant during any and every cardio session!

For more information on classes in your area, check out for more information.


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