If you read my previous post, you know how excited we are about the new studio. You were also able to get a sneak-peek of the internal layout… can you say FAB!  As eager as we are to move-in, and as awesome as this is going to be, change is always a good thing. I plan to update the blog frequently to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

In the new space, we’ll offer a full schedule.

If you are currently a member of the #VixenArmy, you have may have received an e-mail about our Membership Pre-Sale.  It is important to take advantage of this pre-sale to take advantage of our best rate and added perks. This offer lasts until we officially open Vixen Workout Studio in Wynwood.

All new memberships qualify for our pre-sale rate of $120 a month until we officially open.


Here’s a Q&A to answer some of the recurring questions we’ve been receiving:

Q: If I purchase a pre-sale membership, what is billed today and when will my card be billed again?

A: To lock down a pre-sale membership, we need a payment equal to one month.  This payment is your first month and will activate when the studio opens.  Ex. If Studio opens March 14th, your next billing cycle will be April 15th.

Q: Why am I being charged for not showing up for a class?

A:   In order to provide the best possible experience for our clients, we will be limiting the number of sign-ups per class to avoid over-crowding.  In order to improve your experience and be able to offer a membership at a price that you are used to, we need to set some guidelines. By not showing up to class you keep another Vixen Army member from attending class and the space is lost.  If you fail to cancel and do not show up, your credit card will be charged a fee of $15-$20 depending on your membership.

Q: Why do I have to pay to take an additional Vixen class per day ?

A:   With a membership you can take 1 Vixen class a day.  On average our members take 3 classes a week which brings your cost per class down to less than $10.  To ensure the best experience for all of our clients, we need to limit the class sign-ups to avoid overcrowding.  Having one dance room during the studio peak hours of 545pm/7pm/815pm, we need to set guidelines to ensure all of our clients have the opportunity to dance.

Q: Can I wait till the studio opens to decide?

A:   The discounted membership is only offered until the studio officially opens.  If you’ve fallen in love with Vixen in the past, you will LOOOOOOOVE us after experiencing the studio.  It’s only a 3-month commitment.  You can decide to cancel your membership after the term has ended.

Any additional questions or want to inquire about our pre-sale?

Contact our Client Advocate, Mitze Pinon at


9 thoughts on “VIXEN STUDIO 2017: Q&A

    1. Good morning Yarixel! This is Mitze, your Client Advocate. Let me know if you have any questions? I see you have not signed up yet and I’d love to help you lock in our pre-sale rate… Let’s discuss what you qualify for?

  1. Is this membership only for access to classes held at the new studio? So if you attend classes at anoyher south florida location (eg. Prmbroke Pines) do you have to pay for those classes seperately?

    1. Hi Ann! Yes, all services are only valid at the location of purchase and not transferable. Although, if you currently have an active package for Broward you will be able to use it those credits at the Wynwood Studio for the time being. 🙂

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