Client Spotlight: Ashley Aldrich




“The energy in the room is purely infectious.”

Name? Ashley Aldrich

Age? 30

Occupation?  Executive Assistant

Kids? Not Yet

Favorite Cheat Meal? Pancakes and Onion Rings are my weaknesses.

Favorite Routine? I have a new favorite every few weeks but right now it’s Bugatti!

Favorite lipstick? NYX Cosmetics

Favorite popstar? Justin Timberlake (he and I go way back).

If you were a popstar, which would it be? JLo! She looks 25!

Life Motto?  Smile often, Dream big, Laugh a lot and realize how Blessed you are for what you have.

Your story? My family and friends are my everything! I bake everything and I have a crazy sweet tooth. 🙂 I also design workout t-shirts.  My love of dance and my love to dance has been a part of me for many years.  When I’m dancing, it’s the only time that the noise in my head can be silenced by the music and the choreography that I am concentrating on learning or perfecting, with no room in my head to worry about anything else. I started a dance team at Fordham University, Fordham Flava, in 2004 with six other girls and its so great to watch the team grow and evolve as the years pass on. I will always be proud of them. I’m also a fan of the film industry and well written scripts and dialogue – that thrills me!

What made you join the Vixen Army? I joined the Vixen Army to lose weight and get fit but this has become only one of the many benefits of joining the Vixen Army. The classes are addicting and I can’t get enough! The choreography is fantastic and is set to my favorite music, the teachers are motivating and down to earth and the energy in the room is purely infectious. There is nothing like a Vixen NYC class and I’m so glad that I have finally found a workout that I love!


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