Vixen Workout Studio: Opening Soon

Attention #VIXENARMY!

I wanted to give you guys an update on the Vixen Workout Studio.  When we locked down the space back in October, I thought we would be all moved in by December for sure.  What I hadn’t anticipated was how excruciating the permit process is at the City of Miami is.  Four Months later, we got our permit and began building out on January 27th.  Yay!!!img_6144

The buildout is happening pretty quickly, so we expect to be there the beginning of March. The guys at Alligator Construction have been amazing at putting in the work to get our home ready as soon as possible.  The Interior Designer helping my ideas come to life is no other than #vixenarmy’s own Alena Capra, which makes it extra special.

The whole concept behind Vixen was to provide the general public with a visceral experience of what it feels like to be a performer, based on my experiences in the entertainment world.  The studio allows me to completely immerse you guys in the Vixen experience & the details in the studio will resemble being backstage at a concert getting ready to perform.  The studio will have retail, a large vanity area for makeup, a bathroom suite with showers, a Vixen convenience store & lounge area.  The dance room will be equipped with sprung dance floors and Marley, 10 foot mirrors.  The state-of-the art Sound System and lighting will give us major concert feels thanks to Audio Systems Consulting.

If you’re interested in locking down a Studio Membership at a pre-sale price, find out more HERE or contact our client advocate Mitze Pinon at



One thought on “Vixen Workout Studio: Opening Soon

  1. I’m so happy to see Vixen grow and basically explode!!! Way to go girl!!! Keep it going, sky’s the limit!

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