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The Fashion Muse: Valentine’s Day Style Picks

Priscilla Torres, aka The Fashion Muse, is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger from Miami and she is giving us some tips what to wear this Valentines Day. Bae or Bae-less, plans or not, as a member of the #vixenarmy we must stay stuntin.


Priscilla Torres, aka The Fashion Muse, is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger from Miami and she is giving us some tips what to wear this Valentines Day.  Bae or Bae-less, plans or not, as a member of the #vixenarmy we must stay stuntin’.  

Whether you are single AF this VDAY or hanging out with Bae, you have to look sexy either way.  As women, we often come across a very problematic question, though….. A question that will lead us to frustration five minutes before we actually have to leave “What do I even wear?”.

If this is you and you often find yourself in this situation, no worries I’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a corporate girl boss, a working mom, a student, we’re all badasses in every way. Check out my tips, tricks, and some of my favorite currently trending styles to look snatched this Valentine’s day (in any situation) without breaking the bank.

1. Romantic Dinner with Bae

Let’s get real ladies, your bae should treat you like if its V-Day every day! But, on this special day, it’s never bad to dress a little extra (or just every day in general -duh). It’s time to spice things up, serve him body, and slay.

The Sexy Red Dress



Leave your little black dress at home, this red dress will have all eyes on you. I believe having a sassy red dress in your closet for special occasions like this is a major wardrobe staple! Outfit details:  Diva Boutique Online

2. When your crush walks into the office party

Ugh… We’ve definitely all been there. A hot guy walks in and you start to double guess pretty much your whole entire life! Most of us would consider “workwear” to be plain ol’ boring, well it doesn’t have to be. You can spruce up that office attire without crossing the boundary.


Denim is so versatile and easy to style especially when you’re on the go. That’s why I picked this denim midi dress for the office party. Those flirty ruffles on the dress won’t be the only flirty ones at this party!

Outfit Details: (Similar Style) Forever 21

3. Netflix & Chill

Netflix & chill on valentines? Um…. Yas! The perfect planned date for any single lady. If you’re like me, Netflix and chill are the two words that turn me on any day. Whether you’re having your girlfriends over to watch the latest Magic Mike movie or just catching up on some sob cheesy chick flick movie, one must always look comfy BUT cute.


I’m so obsessed with mixing oversized pieces into my outfits lately. This denim bomber just makes everything look comfy! Don’t forget to snap selfies of your Netflix & chill night, oh and the wine of course…

Outfit details: Pants: Forever 21  Oversized Denim Jacket: Forever 21

4. GNO

Forget the guys, this one is for the girls! Define Galentine’s and step out on the scene with your best girlfriends. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than women empowering women, so might as well look hot altogether.



Taking risks with trends isn’t always a tragic thing, it’s more about finding a way to werkkkkk it. I loved this netted dress for a GNO (the blush color was so fitting for the occasion). Tip: don’t stress about having to wear specific undergarments with see through products. I paired this dress with a high waisted bikini under!

Outfit Details: Dress: Forever 21

5. Single AF

You’re single, don’t stress. Your milkshakes still bring all the boys to the yard. Whether you’re living up the single life or looking for a papi, I’ve got you covered with one hot number!


Is it just me, or do thigh high boots make everything sexier? I love pairing thigh high boots with oversized tees, or some ripped shorts & a band tee!

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