Avoiding The Freshmen 15

New friends, parental freedom, football games, sororities, clubs, classes that you actually get to choose to take. And… the freshman 15. While leaving for college is one of the most exciting times in your life, going away to school can be dangerous on the waistline. The freedom that comes with being on your own for the first time, also brings about changes… Your mom (or dad) is no longer there to make sure you’re eating balanced meals throughout the day and let me tell you, those dorm dining halls are like a giant, all-you-can-eat buffet, oh, hello, self-serve fro-yo with all the toppings imaginable.

All our lives, someone was making sure you started off your school day with something healthy in your stomach and packed you with a lunch or it was provided during your regular scheduled school programming. Then after doing various after school activities- like track/cheerleading/soccer- you were greeted with a healthy meal. Well, in college you’re on your own and mom isn’t there to cook and it’s up to you to plan out your meals. Meaning, it’s easy to miss a meal (which will wreck our metabolism) and can lead to overeating or grabbing something quick, like pizza, when you have time in between running to classes. All those quick slices can add up quickly.

So how can you avoid the Freshman 15, especially when it’s so difficult to stay fit in college? Balance, my dear. My friends at UHEALTH say, it’s okay to grab that handful of fries and dessert every now and then, but do so in moderation.  Stay active and do it with friends and take a group fitness class together (ahem, Vixen Workout is a great way to have ALOT of fun with friends and doesn’t feel like a workout). I know on the weekends when your friends order that large pizza, you aren’t going to ask for Kale, so go ahead and eat a slice of pizza, opt for veggie toppings if you can and don’t over indulge. Come Monday, go back to eating clean.


It’s important to remember that it is very easy to gain the dreaded Freshman 15, but exponentially harder to lose it. Set yourself to win, by eating healthy (which will also keep your brain fueled properly), making smart food choices and limiting your indulgences to a meal or weekend day. By starting off your first semester with healthy habits, you can avoid the freshman 15…. If you don’t, do the math… 15 times 4 years of college….

Staying healthy while in college doesn’t need to mean missing out on the college experience. Head over to UHEALTH’s blog post and get some more insight on how to avoid the Freshmen 15 while building better habits.

Stay Hungry. Live Fierce.

Janet Jones




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