Vixen Workout is a dance fitness program for women using choreography from all genres of commercial dance including Hip-Hop, Jazz Funk, House, and Street styles inspired by what you see in the live performances and videos of your favorite artists and in the night clubs. Dim, club-lighting and loud bass-pumping music sets the mood of the Vixen experience to give participants the illusion of a fun girls night out or that of a live concert performance that they are part of.
This women’s only dance workout delivers easy to learn combinations that provide a full body workout and an experience unlike any other. Vixen utilizes Interval and HIIT cardio while engaging the the upper body, core, and especially lower body through it’s glute-centric movements.
Women will be completing intense muscle toning movements hidden by clever choreography, loud music, and fun! We have found that novices can burn anywhere from 450-600 calories and more experienced attendees burn 1000+ calories.
The concept is made to empower women by making them feel like they are larger than life, (a Diva/“Vixen”), through the Vixen workout experience.   Women are encouraged to dress up for class, and wear lipstick so that they feel as if they are going to an event with girlfriends or a girls night out.  The attendees feel as if they are performing in their very own concert and not “working-out”.

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One comment

  1. Good Morning,

    I took a Saturday class in NYC and I thought the workout was inspirational and motivational for women and it typically is but there were men in the class and it was a little uncomfortable.

    Is the message changing?

    Just curious.

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