5 Ways To Escape A Bad Date


Meet @TheJanelleMarie, an actress, dancer, host, and  Certified Vixen Workout instructor in Los Angeles.  She is also the first-ever Latina Host on Monster Jam.  Being single in Los Angeles you find your fair share of Mr. Wrongs and dates that couldn’t end fast enough. Janelle has been nice enough to create this video to help the rest of us escape Mr. Wrong.  By the time you’re done watching her hilarious YouTube video you’ll be fully equipped with the best exit strategies for any bad date scenario. 

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Client Spotlight: The Jesse Diaz Love Story

Jessie Diaz aka @curveswithmoves

Jessie Diaz has had an amazing couple of years.  As a member of the #vixenarmy, you could catch her front row in our Manhattan classes slaying every single move. She then took the leap and became a Certified Vixen Workout Instructor, taking her love of dance and using it to inspire others.  She’s an huge advocate for body positivity and letting others know that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.  If life wasn’t grand already, she then makes the most beautiful baby with the love of her life, gets married, then lands a national Lane Bryant campaign and lives happily ever after.  Thank you Jessie for sharing your story with us and giving the rest of us hope.  (Patiently waiting for price charming in our DM’s like…)

Describe each moment:

When did you meet? We met about 3 years ago because he messaged me on Instagram after recognizing me from an old blog post featuring curvy women.

How did you meet? We flirting on Instagram for a bit and decided to meet for coffee.

What was your first impression of him? He was tall! He is a whole foot taller than me, maybe more. We actually didn’t get it off in person. It was weird. The date felt forced. We left feeling ok about it but decided to continue talking over the phone and texting and had a much better 2nd date at a Mexican bar!

How did he win your heart? 
He was always a gentlemen. And passionate about God and his career goals.


Where was your first date? Well I’ll go with my second bc our coffee date was awkward. But he took me to this hole in the wall Mexican joint that to this day has the best guacamole I’ve ever tasted! They had a karaoke machine and so he proceeded to turn it on and serenade me. He has an amazing voice.

Where was your first kiss? After our second date before going home.

When did you realize you were in love? Around the holidays, about 3 months in. Something about the holidays that make you fall in love.

Who first said, “I love you”? I don’t remember! Haha I think him?

Most romantic moment since you’ve met. 
One of my favorite dates was going to have spiked coffee and watch live jazz, then to the IFC theater to watch the Oscar-nominated foreign short film nominees. It was a cultural and romantic experience!

Most awkward or embarrassing moment since you’ve met. 
Omg, I totally fell down a flight of stairs 4 months into dating and he had to pick me up and bring me to his place to have him and his mother bandage me up. That was my second time meeting his mom!


3 things you have in common
Our love for 80s synth pop bands like Wham and Culture Club.
Our love for travel
Our love for Christ

3 things you don’t have in common
Certain political views
Olives, yuck
He doesn’t like ratchet music so that’s my escape when I’m alone in the car!

Top 3 wedding moments 
Our first dance because it was amazing and choreographed and we spent a couple days working on it.
Me and my dad’s first dance because I get my dancing skills from him and we just laughed the whole time.
Our midnight countdown into confetti blast since our wedding was this past NYE.

12096346_878538270250_381813940408684156_nFill in the blank:
I got 99 problems but ??? Love ain’t one!

How hard was it to write vows? No because we didn’t! Haha we went traditional and were happy with that.

Describe your personal evolution as a woman throughout your relationship. Well I became a mom first before a wife so becoming a mom changes you. You become selfless and nurturing and …a little more stressed. But my maturity level has changed and the fact that my husband is such an amazing father and partner in crime helps me become a better parent and wife

As a woman, what do you think is the key to finding love? Patience! I’ve dated some lame guys, even damaging to my aura. Guys that didn’t suit me but I feared to be lonely. I think it’s ok to be alone and wait to a good guy. Dating casually is fine but don’t commit yourself to someone if you don’t feel right about something.

Top 3 tricks or advice to keep love alive in a relationship regardless of time, ups or downs. Don’t go to bed angry, it’ll be hard to sleep and you don’t wanna wake up upset!
Pray! If you believe in God, I cannot tell you how much that has been essential in our relationship. Keeping God at the center of it all.
Mix things up for date night. Don’t become the couch couple. Try to do something fun once a month. Last month we went to Art Battle NYC and had a blast!


Cheers to that!


2 Simple Beauty Looks For Valentine’s Day


Debbie De La Fe is not only a Vixen Master Trainer, but she is also an amazing Makeup Artist who has blessed us all with a Youtube Channel filled with tutorials on how to look like her… well, at least we can learn how to apply our makeup like Debbie.  Below you can find a great tutorial on a soft Valentine’s look in addition to her fave products.

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Bobbi Brown Long Wear Liquid Liner in “Golden Bronze Sparkle” – perfect to add a little bronzy twist to your basic black winged liner!
Becca Cosmetics “Champagne Pop” – highlight for the perfect glow with a healthy pink undertone.
Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection – you can create the perfect peach V-Day look or go for something more bronzed and sultry with this versatile palette!
Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Blush in “Apri-Cot In The Middle” – to give your cheeks that perfect peachy glow.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 8.40.15 PM.png
Celina Beach is our newest addition to the Vixen Workout Instructor family and will be bringing her talents to our Wynwood Studio in Miami.  Besides being an Uhmazinggg dancer, homegirl can beat that face!  Celina has worked as a professional MUA for years, and most recently as a Senior Makeup Artist for Glam Squad in Miami.
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For a sexy date night look or for every day, I always opt for something that does the job well but doesn’t require too many products. My go-to products: 

Mac Face and Body Foundation Sheer coverage, water resistant… no one will know you’re wearing anything on your skin! This is my HOLY GRAIL of foundations! It’s the most inconspicuous foundation EVER and I SWEAR by it.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye illumination Concealer – conceals dark under eyes and gives a little radiance.. a little bit goes a long way so it definitely does its job without too much product waste. 

-Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Bawse (true red) or Babe Alert (nude rose) – totally 100% smooch proof!! 

It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara – beats Dior and Too Faced and Benefits butt!! Legit volume and length! 

Keratase VIP Volume in Powder or Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray – when you marry a dry shampoo and hair spray together you get this voluminous medium hold to make your effortless waves last. Gives a little oomph to your hair as you transition into the evening.



The Fashion Muse: Valentine’s Day Style Picks


Priscilla Torres, aka The Fashion Muse, is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger from Miami and she is giving us some tips what to wear this Valentines Day.  Bae or Bae-less, plans or not, as a member of the #vixenarmy we must stay stuntin’.  

Whether you are single AF this VDAY or hanging out with Bae, you have to look sexy either way.  As women, we often come across a very problematic question, though….. A question that will lead us to frustration five minutes before we actually have to leave “What do I even wear?”.

If this is you and you often find yourself in this situation, no worries I’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a corporate girl boss, a working mom, a student, we’re all badasses in every way. Check out my tips, tricks, and some of my favorite currently trending styles to look snatched this Valentine’s day (in any situation) without breaking the bank.

1. Romantic Dinner with Bae

Let’s get real ladies, your bae should treat you like if its V-Day every day! But, on this special day, it’s never bad to dress a little extra (or just every day in general -duh). It’s time to spice things up, serve him body, and slay.

The Sexy Red Dress



Leave your little black dress at home, this red dress will have all eyes on you. I believe having a sassy red dress in your closet for special occasions like this is a major wardrobe staple! Outfit details:  Diva Boutique Online

2. When your crush walks into the office party

Ugh… We’ve definitely all been there. A hot guy walks in and you start to double guess pretty much your whole entire life! Most of us would consider “workwear” to be plain ol’ boring, well it doesn’t have to be. You can spruce up that office attire without crossing the boundary.


Denim is so versatile and easy to style especially when you’re on the go. That’s why I picked this denim midi dress for the office party. Those flirty ruffles on the dress won’t be the only flirty ones at this party!

Outfit Details: (Similar Style) Forever 21

3. Netflix & Chill

Netflix & chill on valentines? Um…. Yas! The perfect planned date for any single lady. If you’re like me, Netflix and chill are the two words that turn me on any day. Whether you’re having your girlfriends over to watch the latest Magic Mike movie or just catching up on some sob cheesy chick flick movie, one must always look comfy BUT cute.


I’m so obsessed with mixing oversized pieces into my outfits lately. This denim bomber just makes everything look comfy! Don’t forget to snap selfies of your Netflix & chill night, oh and the wine of course…

Outfit details: Pants: Forever 21  Oversized Denim Jacket: Forever 21

4. GNO

Forget the guys, this one is for the girls! Define Galentine’s and step out on the scene with your best girlfriends. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than women empowering women, so might as well look hot altogether.



Taking risks with trends isn’t always a tragic thing, it’s more about finding a way to werkkkkk it. I loved this netted dress for a GNO (the blush color was so fitting for the occasion). Tip: don’t stress about having to wear specific undergarments with see through products. I paired this dress with a high waisted bikini under!

Outfit Details: Dress: Forever 21

5. Single AF

You’re single, don’t stress. Your milkshakes still bring all the boys to the yard. Whether you’re living up the single life or looking for a papi, I’ve got you covered with one hot number!


Is it just me, or do thigh high boots make everything sexier? I love pairing thigh high boots with oversized tees, or some ripped shorts & a band tee!

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Vixen Workout Studio: Opening Soon

Attention #VIXENARMY!

I wanted to give you guys an update on the Vixen Workout Studio.  When we locked down the space back in October, I thought we would be all moved in by December for sure.  What I hadn’t anticipated was how excruciating the permit process is at the City of Miami is.  Four Months later, we got our permit and began building out on January 27th.  Yay!!!img_6144

The buildout is happening pretty quickly, so we expect to be there the beginning of March. The guys at Alligator Construction have been amazing at putting in the work to get our home ready as soon as possible.  The Interior Designer helping my ideas come to life is no other than #vixenarmy’s own Alena Capra, which makes it extra special.

The whole concept behind Vixen was to provide the general public with a visceral experience of what it feels like to be a performer, based on my experiences in the entertainment world.  The studio allows me to completely immerse you guys in the Vixen experience & the details in the studio will resemble being backstage at a concert getting ready to perform.  The studio will have retail, a large vanity area for makeup, a bathroom suite with showers, a Vixen convenience store & lounge area.  The dance room will be equipped with sprung dance floors and Marley, 10 foot mirrors.  The state-of-the art Sound System and lighting will give us major concert feels thanks to Audio Systems Consulting.

If you’re interested in locking down a Studio Membership at a pre-sale price, find out more HERE or contact our client advocate Mitze Pinon at info@vixenworkout.com


Certified Instructor: Vanessa Richter



Name: Vanessa Richter

Age: 21

Where are you from? Miami, FL

Where are you now? I’m a senior at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA

When did you become certified? September 2015

Why did you decide to become a Vixen Instructor? When I first went away to college I felt alone and lost, desperately searching for inspiration and meaning in my life. I’d just moved to a new city by myself, my parents were getting separated, I was going through a nasty break up, and I had no idea what kind of career I wanted to pursue. I’d always been a dancer and performer growing up, and all of the sudden I stopped exercising all of my creativity. I had no passion or purpose outside of my studies. I’d lost that inner light that Janet always talks about, and it took me a long time to rediscover myself and my dreams. Whenever I went home to Miami on breaks from school, I’d go to Vixen and it was like therapy for me. I wished so much that I could take it while I was in NewOrleans, and I knew that so many other young girls at my university needed the experience just as much, so I decided that I would just have to bring it there myself. I quite literally bothered Janet until she caved in, and haven’t looked back since! 😉

What is your most memorable moment as an instructor so far? Oh how can I pick just one… I will say that just this past week at my Thursday class I got really choked up. I wasn’t feeling 100% that night because I was battling the flu, but it was the first time in 2017 that class was a full 70 girls. A wave of emotions hit me while we were dancing to “Champions,” and we felt so in sync. I dazed out, realizing that in less than a year, this huge group of strangers behind me had become a family, and we held a true powerful and meaningful connection to each other. I had the biggest, cheesiest, smile with tears running down my face throughout that whole routine just thinking about how far we’d come to be there together that night. It truly felt like a revolution, and I’d never been so proud to be a part of the Vixen Army movement.


What is the Vixen Army hashtag for your community of Vixens?#vixenarmynola

What advice do you have for women thinking of becoming certified? Vixen actually just posted one of my favorite quotes recently, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” If you’ve been thinking about getting certified, I say do it! Even if you don’t feel “ready” yet. Stop waiting to be in the perfect shape or technique/confidence level, and push yourself out of your comfort zone so that you can start learning and growing towards your dreams TODAY.

Where and when can people take your class? Mondays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm in Lakeside Studio at Tulane’s Reily Recreational Facility


Client Spotlight: Victoria Zych



“At this point it is so much more than just a workout, it is my sanctuary, my safe place.”

Name? Victoria Zych

Age? 32

Occupation? Events Manager & Wedding Planner

Kids? A 9-year old adopted Shih Tzu named Luna

Favorite Cheat Meal? Sweet Potato Fries and anything with Chocolate

Favorite Routine? It is tough to just pick one because there are so many amazing routines. I love the “So sophisticated” routine, because I can be a total badass. I also enjoy the newer ones, such as “Fade” and “Starboy”, because they make me feel powerful and sexy!

Favorite lipstick? MAC Ruby Woo

Favorite popstar? Beyonce

If you were a popstar, which would it be? Again, Beyonce!

Life Motto? Never forget your inner child

Your story? I left my country in 2009 and came to Miami with literally my whole world packed in one suitcase. Since then it has been quite a rollercoaster ride, but 6 years later I am here and I made my way so far. Not everybody I met along my way who I trusted has had my best interest, so there was a lot pain. I have learned so many lessons with one of the most important one to really stay strong for myself and not let anyone take control of my life. I have always been very close to my family, so not being able to just hop in the car to go see them when things get rough, is not easy. Luckily, I have also met amazing friends, who became my family away from home for who I am always going to be thankful.

What made you join the Vixen Army? My friend, who is a dancer/instructor introduced me to the Vixen Workout and asked me to join her for a class. I was hooked instantly. I remember my very first class in which I felt like a lost puppy, but I was so inspired by all these fierce women moving as if they were dancers from a music video. I knew I need this in my life. Little did I know how important the Vixen Workout would become to me. At this point it is so much more than just a workout, it is my sanctuary, my safe place. Nothing else matters once I step into the room and the music starts.  When I have a bad day, I always feel better after class. When I have an awesome day, it makes it even better. It is the perfect outlet to just move, let it all out and just be myself.

Client Spotlight: Ashley Aldrich




“The energy in the room is purely infectious.”

Name? Ashley Aldrich

Age? 30

Occupation?  Executive Assistant

Kids? Not Yet

Favorite Cheat Meal? Pancakes and Onion Rings are my weaknesses.

Favorite Routine? I have a new favorite every few weeks but right now it’s Bugatti!

Favorite lipstick? NYX Cosmetics

Favorite popstar? Justin Timberlake (he and I go way back).

If you were a popstar, which would it be? JLo! She looks 25!

Life Motto?  Smile often, Dream big, Laugh a lot and realize how Blessed you are for what you have.

Your story? My family and friends are my everything! I bake everything and I have a crazy sweet tooth. 🙂 I also design workout t-shirts.  My love of dance and my love to dance has been a part of me for many years.  When I’m dancing, it’s the only time that the noise in my head can be silenced by the music and the choreography that I am concentrating on learning or perfecting, with no room in my head to worry about anything else. I started a dance team at Fordham University, Fordham Flava, in 2004 with six other girls and its so great to watch the team grow and evolve as the years pass on. I will always be proud of them. I’m also a fan of the film industry and well written scripts and dialogue – that thrills me!

What made you join the Vixen Army? I joined the Vixen Army to lose weight and get fit but this has become only one of the many benefits of joining the Vixen Army. The classes are addicting and I can’t get enough! The choreography is fantastic and is set to my favorite music, the teachers are motivating and down to earth and the energy in the room is purely infectious. There is nothing like a Vixen NYC class and I’m so glad that I have finally found a workout that I love!



If you read my previous post, you know how excited we are about the new studio. You were also able to get a sneak-peek of the internal layout… can you say FAB!  As eager as we are to move-in, and as awesome as this is going to be, change is always a good thing. I plan to update the blog frequently to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

In the new space, we’ll offer a full schedule.

If you are currently a member of the #VixenArmy, you have may have received an e-mail about our Membership Pre-Sale.  It is important to take advantage of this pre-sale to take advantage of our best rate and added perks. This offer lasts until we officially open Vixen Workout Studio in Wynwood.

All new memberships qualify for our pre-sale rate of $120 a month until we officially open.


Here’s a Q&A to answer some of the recurring questions we’ve been receiving:

Q: If I purchase a pre-sale membership, what is billed today and when will my card be billed again?

A: To lock down a pre-sale membership, we need a payment equal to one month.  This payment is your first month and will activate when the studio opens.  Ex. If Studio opens March 14th, your next billing cycle will be April 15th.

Q: Why am I being charged for not showing up for a class?

A:   In order to provide the best possible experience for our clients, we will be limiting the number of sign-ups per class to avoid over-crowding.  In order to improve your experience and be able to offer a membership at a price that you are used to, we need to set some guidelines. By not showing up to class you keep another Vixen Army member from attending class and the space is lost.  If you fail to cancel and do not show up, your credit card will be charged a fee of $15-$20 depending on your membership.

Q: Why do I have to pay to take an additional Vixen class per day ?

A:   With a membership you can take 1 Vixen class a day.  On average our members take 3 classes a week which brings your cost per class down to less than $10.  To ensure the best experience for all of our clients, we need to limit the class sign-ups to avoid overcrowding.  Having one dance room during the studio peak hours of 545pm/7pm/815pm, we need to set guidelines to ensure all of our clients have the opportunity to dance.

Q: Can I wait till the studio opens to decide?

A:   The discounted membership is only offered until the studio officially opens.  If you’ve fallen in love with Vixen in the past, you will LOOOOOOOVE us after experiencing the studio.  It’s only a 3-month commitment.  You can decide to cancel your membership after the term has ended.

Any additional questions or want to inquire about our pre-sale?

Contact our Client Advocate, Mitze Pinon at info@vixenworkout.com

2017 will mark a new era…


(Everyone should know what that feels like)

June 2012, I vividly remember the feeling of my heart dropping t0 the pit of my stomach as the HR representative left my office.  She broke the news that the company was closing down and everyone had to leave…NOW.  You see, I was already let go from a corporate finance job due to downsizing and this was the first job I was able to land after months of searching (Being a former back-up dancer and choreographer isn’t a skill set thats valued in Corporate America).  At the time I was living at my moms house with my 2yr old and I was unemployed, again.  I just couldn’t catch a break.

I woke up one day after allowing myself to sulk in self-pity for a few days and decided that I was going to open a Dance Studio. I’ve taught dance since I was 18yrs old.   I’m really good at it and most importantly I love it.  I broke up with dance around 2008 after convincing myself that in order to be an “adult” I couldn’t continue pursuing silly childhood dreams.  So for me, this was like calling up the ex-love of your life to say: “Leaving you was the biggest mistake of my life… will you take me back?”

(Below are images of mine from Sept 2012-Dec 2012/ Poems, images, memories that inspired Vixen)


I found a quaint affordable space and my family put all of our pennies together and I opened Street Jamz Studios in September 2012.   A month later I started a class called “Video Vixen”.  The class was a way for me to relive my glory days as a performer and for my friends to experience my life’s addiction for the first time.  It’s been quite the journey ever since.

The last 4yrs have been filled with so many amazing memories and lessons.  I’ve met so many amazing women and have shared in their pain and triumphs.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’ve had my share of hurdles…  I wouldn’t change a damn thing.  I am so grateful for all of it.  It’s groomed me to become wise and prepared me for whats to come. That’s the thing about life, you can’t have the good without the bad.  The bad, however, is what prepares you for the good.  Without the bad, GREAT can fall on your lap and you won’t even know what to do with it.


That being said, 2017 marks a new era for Vixen.   We will be moving into our own home and I couldn’t be more excited.  The purpose of Vixen has always been to give women the opportunity to experience themselves as the grandest, most powerful, confident version of themselves.  To have a safe place where they can feel alive and free.  Up to now, we’ve had limited control over the experience of our clients and I’m so excited to finally be able to offer the true Vixen Experience from the moment you step foot in the door.

The Vixen Workout Studio will be opening it’s doors January 2017.  I want the studio to resemble what it feels like to be backstage in a concert venue or a marquee theater.  The dance studio will be called “the stage” and they’ll be large vanity mirrors and make-up stations resembling an old Hollywood dressing room.  I’ve added a sneak-peak of what the studio will look like below.  I’ll keep you guys updated on the process and hope to see all of you in the new space.  Love & Light, JJ


retail store
convenience store/bar
#vixenarmy makeup area
JJ’s thinkbox