Twerking Their Way to a Sweaty Workout Nirvana

As green and red strobes flashed around a darkened Midtown studio, some 75 women, many in animal-print Lycra capri pants and wedge-heeled sneakers, scrambled for lipstick touch-ups, then took their places for their exercise class warm-up.

“Now you’re going to give me a hair flip,” yelled Janet Jones, a classically trained ballerina and former Miami Heat dancer. “And ooh, hair flip. Ooh, hair flip.”

The women obeyed, repeating the words like an incantation while tossing their hair as (there is no other word for it) aerobically as possible. Ms. Jones, 32, segued to a “kitten pose” (rear end out, one leg bent), followed by a hip-swiveling, backside-shaking maneuver she called “ay papi, el papi.” Then she led the group in affirmations: “Damn, I look sexy for a Monday night,” four times, crescendo. Members of the Vixen Army, as Ms. Jones calls disciples of her Vixen workout, were ready to twerk.

To a soundtrack that was about two-thirds Beyoncé, one-third unprintable except for indefinite articles and conjunctions (and to which nearly everyone knew the words), the group performed suggestive dance moves that Ms. Jones has given equally suggestive titles, like “booty call,” “milkshake” and “ridin’ round and gettin’ it.”

Ms. Jones refers to this as “me taking urban hip-hop and Justin Biebering it,” but it’s also practical because the names make the moves easier to teach. There is some giggling when Ms. Jones or her instructors say things like “give me eight ‘ridin’ round and gettin’ its’ into 10 ‘milkshakes’ into five ‘booty calls,’ ” but mostly, there is just sweating. Hair flipping may not spike the heart rate much, but dropping it low certainly does.


Janet Jones, 32, created the dance routine in October 2012. CreditBarbara P. Fernandez for The New York Times

“We want you to get dolled up to sweat it all off,” reads the “vixen etiquette” on the website. Ms. Jones said her experience as a Heat dancer taught her that she moved differently when she thought she looked good.

Stephanie Muñoz, 27, said she used to ridicule women at the gym with makeup, but that her Vixen workout prep includes a manicure and her favorite Nars red lizard lipstick, a siren red. (She draws the line at getting a blowout.)

“It’s like a religious experience,” said Ms. Muñoz, of Astoria, Queens. “You start to feel better about yourself getting ready, and then you do the workout and you feel like a million bucks.”

Carla Acosta-Medina, 30, came to the $15 Midtown class with two friends who were intrigued by the workout when they spotted pictures of it on Instagram.

“You get to sing and dance and feel sexy,” said Ms. Medina, who lives in the Bronx and has a 14-month-old daughter. “You feel like you’re onstage performing with Beyoncé. When does a mom get to feel like that?”

If it seemed as if it was only a matter of time before someone turned twerking into a workout, well, Ms. Jones was regularly selling out classes of 125 people before Miley Cyrus’s performance at the Video Music Awards in August. The Vixen workout already had spread throughout South Florida almost entirely thanks to Instagram — sweaty selfies, often in kitten pose, practically are a part of the cool down, and have been since the very first class, attended only by Ms. Jones’s cousin and her best friend.


Ms. Jones encourages women to attend with makeup on, hair down and sneaker wedges.CreditBarbara P. Fernandez for The New York Times

“You only take a selfie when you’re feeling hot,” Ms. Jones said.

Post-Ms. Cyrus, Ms. Jones’s army began hashtagging their pictures with “twerk” or “twerkout” and labeling photos “getting my Miley Cyrus on,” and the workout caught fire. Last fall, classes began in Manhattan, Harlem and Astoria. Ms. Jones recently flew to Los Angeles to hire instructors; classes will begin there in April.

What makes Ms. Jones’s workout different from other of-the-moment dance cardio classes is that her moves are raunchier than the rest — moves most women older than 25 no longer feel comfortable doing in a nightclub, if they ever did. That’s because the workout was inspired by an episode at the Arkadia nightclub (now closed) in Miami, when a song Ms. Jones and her girlfriends loved came on, but the group grooved about as enthusiastically as junior-high boys forced to attend a school dance.

“It’s like you have your public persona of being a V.P. of a company, being a mom, and even in a nightclub you can’t let loose,” Ms. Jones said. “And I just thought, well, when can you let loose?” She added the affirmations because at the time, Ms. Jones was slowly emerging from what she called “my blackout period, when I was invisible,” when she lost her job as an administrative assistant and was unhappy in her marriage.

Unlike many boutique gyms, which focus on hiring hot instructors with genetically blessed physiques, Ms. Jones chooses approachable women who are “not the best dancers out there,” to make them relatable. Students are more likely to be singled out and told they look beautiful than corrected on form. In fact, there are no corrections, because “you can’t feel the music wrong,” Ms. Jones said.

Michelle Schloemer, 24, of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, learned of the workout when a blogger she follows on Instagram gave it the thumbs up.

“Some workouts, like maybe a yoga class, you feel overshadowed by all these smaller women, but not here,” Ms. Schloemer said after Monday’s class. She checked her heart rate monitor: She had burned 40 percent more calories than she does on the elliptical machine, she said.

She ran over to join the class picture, everyone making a V with the first two fingers of their right hand. Ms. Jones surveyed her students and yelled: “I want to see every sex bomb,” before taking her place in front. After a couple of takes, the group splintered into twos and threes, the women throwing their hair back as they snapped photos and posted them on Instagram. This army is always recruiting.

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The Only Way to Live

When Miami Heat dancer, Janet Jones was laid off from her day job in finance, she had to find a way to support herself, and her young daughter. Thus, the Vixen workout was born.

Jones’ sexy hour-long cardio hip-hop style dance fitness class evolved from 2 women to a verified “Vixen Army” of 15,000 women. Since 2012 she has established her army in Miami, New York City and everywhere in between.

Janet Jones tells us how she has the energy to be a professional dancer, choreographer, businesswoman, mom of a four-year-old, fiancé, and the leader of the Vixen Army.

“Clean eating instead of dieting. You have more energy to exercise, and eating this way keeps you clearheaded so you can make better and healthier decisions all day long. Taking the time to care for yourself by eating better and exercising can lead to a more attractive outer appearance, but also a happier outlook. That happiness is then radiated into beauty.  When you’re in balance and feel happy, that’s when you feel the most alive, and there’s no other way to live.”

Janet Jones

Janet Jones began her professional dance career as one of the Miami Heat Dancers. While dancing with the Heat Dancers, Jones caught the eye of a well-known choreographer, Darrin Henson, who recruited her to dance in the first Hip-Hop Dance Instructional Video called Darrin’s Dance Grooves (DDG). Working with Henson and being part of DDG launched Jones’ career leading her to work in and behind-the-scenes in music videos, commercials, film and stage projects. Jones created The Vixen Workout, a cardio dance fitness class, to give women everywhere juggling the work-life balance an opportunity to cut loose in a club-like atmosphere, but with in a secure environment.  The Vixen Workout is a fitness craze spreading across the country with sold-out classes that require a waiting list in South Florida and New York. For more information about Janet Jones visit The Vixen Workout.

“LIVE LIKE A VIXEN”….How to make your living space as fabulous as your workout

image-2Hello fellow Vixen Army ladies! My name is Alena Capra, and I have been a member of the #vixenarmy since May. I am an Interior Designer and owner of my own design firm, Alena Capra Designs. For me, the Vixen Workout is the perfect end to some very long days of designing, meeting with clients, and running around to different construction sites. For one hour I get to completely lose myself in the music, and I love it! Any stress of the day goes away for those 60 minutes, when I lace up my sneaker wedges, and transform from interior designer to video vixen… 😉
What is so cool about Vixen, is that it is a workout that has its very own unique “look”….we all know it..sneaker wedges..the more embellished the better, funky leggings, cool tank tops or crop tops, and a hoodie emblazoned with the Vixen Silhouette. Well…why stop at just the Vixen Uniform??? How about bringing a little “Vixen” style into your home…whether it be in your home office, living room, bedroom, wherever! I created a few different looks, inspired by our favorite Vixen footwear, the Sneaker Wedge, and named them with to go with a few of the popular Vixen songs. Most of the pieces can be found locally at shops like Z Gallerie, CB2, Homegoods, and West Elm, or on their respective websites.
ROOM CONCEPT 1: “So Sophisticated”
The style in this design vignette is for the glamourous and chic Vixen. Think soft grey colors, whites, and maybe some mirrored and silver metallic accents. Mix a bunch of accent pillows for a sofa or bed with some different textures…. The white textured one pictured is from CB2. I paired it with some silver  pillows. You can even throw in a beaded or sequined pillow or two. Homegoods always has a large variety of these to choose from. A little sparkle goes a long way! An accent piece of mirrored furniture is also a nice touch…it could be a small side table, or a large leaning mirror like the one from Z Gallerie as pictured here (perfect for taking those Selfies!!) Mirrored accent furniture pieces are available at anywhere from Target to West Elm. Adding an accent lamp with a little crystal bling (George Kovacs lamp pictured) will give the perfect ambiance, to sit back in your glam new space and listen to a little Rick Ross! (the perfect juxtaposition!)
ROOM CONCEPT 2: “The Party Ain’t Over”
Studs, Leather, Black and White Bold Prints, and Silver create the perfect backdrop for the sassy vixen who has an edgy style. To recreate this look, find pieces with nailhead accents…it could be on a bench or ottoman, or even a cool serving tray for a coffee table, like this one pictured here from Z Gallerie. Find pillows with bold black and white prints, like a chevron (pictured), houndstooth, or damask print. The bolder the better! You can even add a pop of your favorite color, everything goes well with black and white. Homegoods is also a good source for embellished accent pillow with silver studs, and pillows with a “leather” look. A cool shag rug or one with a bold chevron print can really complete the look.
ROOM CONCEPT 3: “I’m a Boss”
Lounge around in this inspired space like a Boss.. Accenting the room with gold, black, and white creates a perfect neutral palette to also add in a pop of your favorite color. Think of using stuff with rich metallic gold hues for pillows, frames and accessories. Mixing an edgier accent pillow in a leather, with a luxe white mongolian fur pillow (pictured and available at West Elm, Z Gallerie, and Crate & Barrel) and then a bold printed pillow or two will create a fun mix of styles that compliment one another. Z Gallerie currently has an amazing selection of gold accessories, like book-ends, table trays, and other fun decor pieces.
For the D.I.Y. Vixen:
When all else fails, if you cannot find the perfect embellished accent piece for your room, you can always make one! I made this Louboutin inspired chair from a piece of furniture from a thrift store! Spray painted it with Rustoleum black lacquer (available at Home Depot in a variety of colors and metallics) upholstered the seat with some gold vinyl from a local fabric store, and used some crazy glue to embellish the chair frame with gold and silver studs (purchased at Michaels). Takes some time, but a fun project for a day when you are resting your sore muscles between classes!! 😉
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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Vixen Girl

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 1.32.35 PM.png


If you haven’t heard of the Vixen Workout, you have to be living under a rock. A big, big, smoldering rock. The workout will have you body rolling like Beyonce, grinding like a Lil Wayne video girl and booty-shaking to Uncle Luke (who, by the way, is the founding father of the twerk. Stop basking in his glory, Miley). It’s a killer cardio routine and COVERGIRL has decided to align itself with this not-so-easy-breezy beautiful workout.

On Saturday, COVERGIRL and the Vixen Workout invite you to unleash your bombshell with a Lights, Camera, Lashes! event in South Beach. Get dolled up with COVERGIRL makeup artists and then hop onto the dance floor to learn moves from the creator of the workout, Janet Jones (question: would that make her the Vixen General)?

If you’re skilled in the art of the selfie, then getting an in won’t be a problem. All you have to do is snap a picture of yourself in your sexiest stance, and include @covergirl, #vixenarmy, and #bombshelling in your Instagram caption. But don’t wait until the last minute to pucker up and show off your feminine mystique; slots are filling up fast so secure your position on the dance floor stat. That’s an order, ladies!

Mommy takes Vixen!

Fam shotHello everyone, my name is Jessica Mark.
I am a wife, a mother of 3 beautiful girls and a proud member of the Vixen Army!
As a mother of 3 children ranging in ages 5-12, I know just how hard it is to make all the hectic schedules work.  I just wanted to talk to all the mothers out there who think they can’t make it happen.  You really do have the hardest job in life.  It’s nonstop, 24/7 and feels more like 30/10 if that was humanly possible, so first, kudos to you for surviving!!!  So, I wanted to share with you all the reasons why you SHOULD do Vixen as a Mom.
Always Dancing
Each of you has a little Vixen in her already (these kids got here somehow, right?  Ay Papi, El Papi???).  When you have children who depend on you for so much, sometimes you lose your mojo.  You dedicate all your efforts to their wants and needs.  Vixen can give that back to you.  It gives you those 60 min. of pure “escapism” from the feeling of anyone relying on you.  All you have to do for that one hour is rely on yourself.  Rely on yourself to look in that mirror, push you body to the limits, let your inner Vixen out and allow yourself to feel sexy again.  The confidence you’ll gain is remarkable and you’ll be able to return home refreshed and happier.  Some may be thinking, “Hmm, I don’t know HOW to get my sexy back besides feeling safe in the class.”  Let the Vixen philosophy spill over into your everyday life in small ways.  Put on a statement necklace with your outfit, try out that trend you’ve been eyeing lately, paint your nails a funkier color than you normally would and try wearing that brighter lipstick in the day time.  Don’t have time to do your hair?  Throw it up in a cute topknot and wear some dangly earrings or big studs.  To give yourself a fresher look without doing a full face of make-up, get a great tinted moisturizer, some concealer for under your eyes, mascara and lipstick or gloss.  Just that little goes a long way.  When all else fails, accessorize with some big sunglasses and maybe a cool hat!  Check out Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Ross or other discount stores for cool inexpensive leggings, tops and sneaker wedges for class and trendier clothes that you may not want to splurge on.  You may even feel so good about yourself that you decide to buy an outfit that you could never see yourself wearing, then feel even better when in 2 months of Vixen, you need to buy a smaller one!!!  It may feel weird at first but great things happen when you step out of your comfort zone.
     In addition to getting your glamazon on, the endorphin rush after this class is no joke!  And we all know the saying, “Happy Wife (Mom), Happy Life!”  Believe me, your family benefits more from you being happy with yourself.  You’ll be a better wife (in more ways than one, those Vixen moves can cross over into many an area, lol!) and a better Mom if you can have an outlet like the Vixen Workout to relieve the stress of your daily duties.  So?  How can you make this happen if you’re concerned about getting to the class?
Lemme give you a few ideas:
1) Talk to your significant other and express how important this class is to you. Most men need concrete, logical examples so think of a good comparison.  Something like, “Honey, you know how you love to (insert hobby/sport/etc. here), well, that’s like this class for me.  Hopefully, that will get your point across and they will be supportive.
2) As hard as it is, (especially with the unpredictability of kids) try to schedule you class(es) out the week before.  That way you can get stuff done to allot for the time spent at class that night.
3) If your significant other works late, try to get a babysitter once in a while.  Ask a family member or maybe barter with a friend.  “Hey, I’ll watch your kid(s) so you can go get your hair done one night and maybe you can watch mine so I can go to Vixen.”
4) If you can schedule out the day(s) you can come to class, try and meal prep.  You can make dinner early that day and have your significant other heat it up later.  Or even better, declare it pizza or any other yummy take-out food night.
5) Always keep a bag of clean “Vixen appropriate clothes” in a bag in your car if you come from work or lay out your clothes the day before class.  One less thing to do.
     I’ve been doing Vixen consistently for almost 9 months now, and I can tell you, I am so thankful every time I take that class for what it gives me both physically and mentally.  Yes, I have a husband, 3 children and a home to take care of and yes, each child is asking me to help them do something as I write this.  The 5 year old is actually pulling on my leg.  Yes, I CAN and WILL devote time to how I feel about ME.  I make myself a priority in small ways compared to what I do for the rest of my family and yes, it is absolutely essential.  Yes it’s important to keep your sexy for your significant other, but more importantly for your own sense of self.  Yes, you should make time to take care of your body AND mind.  Yes, with a stress-reliever you’ll be more productive in anything you attempt to accomplish.  Yes, you deserve it.  See, the operative word here is YES.  So the Vixen affirmation applies to me really every day and in every situation in life…“Yes I’m sexy, Yes I’m fierce, Yes I got this, YES!”
Vixen Affirmation

Transformation Tuesday:Letter from Christie Rodriguez

Image 1

Dear Vixen Army,

My name is Christie Rodriguez. I have been attending Vixen classes for the last six months. As I sit here and write this, I am amazed at how much my life has changed in what is relatively a short period of time. Last June, I was working at a summer camp and I was asked to review some pictures that we had taken on one of our field trips. As I was sorting through them, I saw something that shocked me to the point that then and there I knew I had to make a change ASAP. That something was a picture of me.  Many people have asked me to post on social media before and after pictures, but to be honest with you, I don’t have very many. I NEVER took pictures of myself, so coming across that picture was like having cold water thrown in my face. There was no denying it anymore. As it so happened, a long time friend of mine had just become a distributor for a weight management company that sold shakes as meal substitutes. I decided that I would try that out.

I felt this would be an easy way to get started because all I had to worry about was lunch and snacks. Alongside this, I also wanted to start exercising. So I started going to the gym and walking. Throughout the course of my life, I had tried it all Yoga, spinning, Zumba…you name it, I tried it. Do not get me wrong, those are all great exercises, but I needed to find what was for me. As I started researching alternatives, I came across posts about the Liv event that Vixen had hosted. I was immediately drawn to it. I had danced all my life when I was younger and the idea of doing that for exercise to the music I loved seemed so perfect.  So I decided to sign up for a class one Monday morning. As that day went by, I became more and more nervous. I had no idea what I was getting into. I came very close to not going but I decided that if I wanted to change my life, I needed to stop being so scared. So that night I went, in a horrific outfit , and not because I don’t have style lol, but because if I wasn’t good at it, I wanted people to think that I didn’t care. To make a long story short, that day was the day my life changed.

I felt like I had found what had been missing and something told me that would help me reach my goals. It was like finding my home. I remember going home that day, and booking two more classes that week. Little by little, I started branching out, becoming a little more confident, wearing lipstick, but it was a gradual process. I had a lot of self-esteem to repair. It didn’t happen overnight. The more classes I went to, the better I felt and the more confident I became.  I started going from two classes a week, to three to four and now I go six days a week, with one day where I do back to back classes.  I started posting pictures of my journey on social media, pictures of myself (selfies!) and I felt empowered. A day that replays on my mind all the time, is one in which midway through class, Janet came to tell me to come stand in the front with her, that she saw me working hard and that SHE was going to help ME. And she has, so much! I will never be able to thank her enough for that.


Since I started, I have lost 60lbs and 6 dress sizes. It has been by no means easy. The shakes that I was doing helped a great deal but as I continued to educate myself and learn about health, I realized that to see the results that I wanted I had to actually eat more! Who would have thought? So, I decided that I was going to do a three day, juice cleanse. One of the hardest things I have EVER done, but it helped lead the way to clean eating. One of my biggest issues is my stomach/ab area. While reading up on what helps with that, I learned that abs are actually made in the kitchen. Exercise helps of course, but what really does it is the types of foods you eat, things like almonds, oats, spinach, etc. So after my cleanse, I designed a meal plan for myself. The plan consisted of a smoothie in the morning, a protein with brown rice for lunch and protein with greens for dinner. My snacks are things like green apples, almonds and peanut butter. Every Sunday, I cook my food for the week, put it in containers and refrigerate. There are many simple, inexpensive foods that are healthy. The most recent thing I have done is cut out dairy (there is dairy in everything!) but it’s doable and the changes I have seen in my body have been literally from one day to another.  I am by no means an expert, but this has been my journey up to now.  Bottom line is there is no magic cure.

Change takes time. I feel blessed every single day that I found the Vixen workout. I have a long road ahead of me still, but every day that passes, I feel closer to that finish line. The past six months with vixen workout  have been the best I have had in a long time. I have met beautiful, amazing women (Janet, my amazing instructors, my vixen glam squad) who have encouraged me, I have set goals and stuck to them  but most importantly I have found the person I thought I had lost. Thank you for taking time to read my story. Hope to see you in class!



Image 2

aka “@sassy_c_rodz”

A New Year, A New You

December 31, 2014

vixen-2vixen-4vixen-3vixen-1vixen-5My name is Shireen Sandoval and I’m a smart, strong, fierce, independent, beautiful woman. I’m a Video Vixen. I don’t have to apologize for it, either. In fact, I relish in it. I believe and trust in myself unequivocally because I am lifted by a sisterhood of women called the Vixen Army. (Now, could someone cue the music, please?)

I first met Janet Jones, a former Miami Heat dancer and the Commander-in-Chief of the Vixen Army, a few years ago when I was on assignment for Deco Drive. At the time, I was trying to fulfill a pipe dream of sorts: performing as a dancer in a Hip-Hop music video.

Actually, I would have settled for a flagrant, self-centered model-like cameo, whilst walking down a Miami Beach catwalk half-naked with a tiger on a leash, but in true entertainment television style, my Executive Producer, Geoff Leval (yes, I’m outing him) decided the pursuit of my impending Vixen-hood would make for “good television.”

To make my cray-cray dream a reality, we enlisted the help of one of our youngest staff writers at the time, Eli Ferradas (who also happened to be a former Miami Heat dancer.) Eli, who was assigned to produce the story, hooked me up with Janet, who had just started her Video Vixen Workout class.

Janet was a retired professional dancer with mind-blowing experience and one helluva resume to boot. She had been wiggling, jiggling, twerking, popping and locking it (in major music videos, the awards circuit and live performances) way before Miley Cyrus ever came along. One day, Janet quit dancing and joined the corporate world.

Read the rest of my “A New Year, A New You” journey at or learn more about Janet Jones and her Vixen Workout at Happy 2015 fashionistas!

Our first birthday

bob_0561_FotorI still can’t wrap my head around everything that has happened over the last year.  We turned 1 this October, so in celebration we hosted our largest workout to date at Story Nightclub, November 16th.  This is the second time we take to workout to a South Beach hotspot to unveil our new material (first was LIV back in June).  The goal of these events is for our Vixen Army to feel like they are participating in their own concert.   I spend months searching for music, seeing whats trending in the clubs and looking for inspiration both visually and artistically.    story102_Fotorstory6

For the Story event I partnered up with my brother, Anthony Jones, who mixed the music for the event.  Once I knew what key elements I wanted in the show, Anthony helped piece it together which is the most challenging part.  He created great intros to each section which really added to the performance quality of the event.  Funny thing is Anthony doesn’t have any professional experience or fancy training in music; he’s just an uber-talented soul with major skills on garageband and great instincts musically for live performances.


I went a little different musically this go around, and added some “Dance” tracks from artists like Diplo, David Guetta, Major Lazor, and Mak J to name a few.  Still had our regular sophistiratchet favorites like Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Pitbull, and of course the Queen B but I wanted to bring in a different genre to compliment what we already had.  I had been inspired by a few DJs I had seen recently and the overall energy in the audience caused by the drops and rises on their tracks.  The lyrics to Diplo’s Revolution “Dont let them steal your light, Dont let them break your stride… this is a revolution” definitely resonated with me and what the workout stands for.


It took a few weeks of rehearsals with our amazing instructors & assistants to put it together (some 2am rehearsal nights).  Our outfits were styled by the same team that worked on our LIV event: Natallye Torres (Social Stylist) and Kristina Ashley (Kristina Ashley Swim). Pictured below is the amazing Vixen Workout Miami dance staff.

story5The lights and the video capabilities of the venue were unmatched. I was extremely excited to be able to shoot a video intro and it was important for me to set the tone for the experience.  I brought in the talented Mary Beth Orman to hang out with us one day & shoot me in my element. My brother created the concert intro and recorded me reciting our “Vixen Anthem”.  Wallace Cruz who edited the intro used footage from class and the footage Mary beth caught that day.

Concert Intro

I used the blindfold in the video as symbolism for how we as women choose to see ourselves… sometimes we don’t see ourselves at all.  I hope through our classes you can see yourself as you truly are,  A VIXEN.



Stay Hungry, Live Fierce.

“The Vixen Workout” twerk dance fitness craze hits Tampa

By Alex Hobson |Oct 17, 2013
With music pumping, they “oo-ed” “ahh-ed” and grunted as loud as they could.

Risque? Maybe.

Freeing? Absolutely.

The latest fitness craze to hit Tampa is called “The Vixen Workout.” It’s a fast-paced, high energy, dance fitness class made just for the ladies.

At the front of the room, was Vixen creator Janet Jones.

Jones is former Miami Heat dancer who created the class as a way to work out, have fun, and unleash that inner vixen she says every woman has inside. In her words, the workout gives girls ‘a safe environment’ to cut loose, drop it low, and get their sexy on while burning hundreds of calories.

“I think with the whole hustle and bustle of life it’s easy for them to feel invisible,’ Jones said. “So this is an hour where I make sure everyone leaves this room feeling like Beyonce.”

The only requirement is to leave your inhibitions at the door and bring shoes you can twerk in.

No men.

No kids.

Just music…and a little lipstick.

“I encourage your hair to be down. I encourage lipstick, whatever you can do to kind of look yourself in the mirror and feel sexy,” Jones said.

Jones refers to regulars as members of “The Vixen Army.” But even if you don’t know all the moves, you’re encouraged to come.

“I get women who have never danced. I have women from the ages of 18 to 60,” said Jones.

One newbie in the Tampa crowd was Mona Chiarizio.

“It’s very hard to squeeze in workouts. We thought this would be a really cool way to workout,” Chiarizio said. “I don’t even know what twerking is.”

But with a friend and a smile, she joined in. According to Jones, Vixen attendees can lose anywhere from 500-1,000 calories, depending on your level of expertise, in just one hour.

Twerking away the need for a treadmill and having a lot of fun in the process.

The first official “Vixen Workout” class begins on Monday at 8 p.m. at FlavaFitness Studio in Tampa. Tickets cost $12. For more information go to


Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.20.32 AM

julia ford-carther | October 7, 2013 | Style & Beauty The Latest

A swarm of spandex-clad, high-heeled women of all shapes and ages waits outside of an industrial building in Coral Gables. Despite appearances, these women are not in line at a nightclub—they’re looking for a coveted spot at the Vixen Workout at Body & Soul. And class doesn’t even start for another hour.

Janet Jones—a former Miami Heat dancer and backup dancer for artists like Jennifer Lopez—is the powerhouse behind this new cardio and muscle-toning movement that’s sweeping Miami. Her Vixen Workout emulates a stage performance, where women sweat beneath flattering lighting to high-octane eight-counts in full hair and makeup. The workout’s explosive success baffles even its creator. “We have 100 girls every night, and we’re doing two classes a night,” Jones says in honest surprise.

Jones is still digesting her quick rise. A year ago, a stint in corporate culture left her in a state of despair. “I felt invisible, coming from a life onstage performing in front of thousands of people,” she remembers. “Going from that to the routine of just being a real-life woman and mom, I couldn’t juggle it all.”

Being laid off forced Jones back into dance, opening a studio that she struggled to get off the ground. On the brink of closing up shop, she found inspiration during a weekend out with her girlfriends. “They’re all VPs of companies, doctors, lawyers, and everyone was dying to dance but felt like they couldn’t for fear of being judged:, Jones recalls. “It resonated with me.” The following Monday, Jones started choreographing the Vixen Workout.

Through the process of creating Vixen, which she launched in October 2012, Jones rediscovered herself, and tapped into her essence as a performer to shape routines. “Most women will never experience being onstage and feeling larger than life,” she realized. “What if we bottle that and give it to women who have always felt invisible?”

Jones’s signature workout is learned through her sultry, easy-to-master Vixen 101 sequences laid over platinum tracks from artists like Beyoncé. Afterward, members of Jones’s “Vixen army,” much like superfans awaiting their must-meet celebrity on a red carpet, crowd her to take photos with the woman whom they credit for physical and emotional transformations. “One girl lost 60 pounds through the workout,” Jones points out.

With such unprecedented momentum, Jones is eager to spread Vixen’s popularity to other markets. Just one year after debuting her program, Jones has 12 trained Vixen instructors holding classes across seven Miami locations and teaching as many as 500 girls each night—and she’s now looking toward New York, where she has five Vixen instructors and a Midtown location. “I want to expand because I see what it does to women,” she explains. “I want everyone to know they’re somebody.”