We are SOOO excited to announce that the Vixen Army NYC has a new home! A home complete with a beautiful state-of-the-art dance room, full-service cafe and locker rooms with spa-quality amenities.  A home where the #Vixenarmy can Chest Pop, Fist Pump, and Booty Drop all week long and experience the Vixen Workout the way it was always meant to be experienced.  

Beginning Monday, March 12, 2018 a new era will begin as we move our Manhattan operations into NEO U.


Starting Monday, March 12th, we will reunite on the dance floor as we kick off our Vixen Workout classes at NEO U which will be held Monday through Thursday at 7pm.  

SIGNING UP: To sign-up for classes you can do so through our website or through or Vixen Workout app! The choice is yours. 


$28 | Drop-in 

$135 |  5 Class Package ($29 per class)

$260 | 10 Class Package ($28 per class)

$180 | Unlimited Monthly Class Pass (expires 30 days from purchase)

Please take a moment to swoon over your new digs….

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.20.44 PM

Please see our full FAQ


If you want more information or have additional questions please email or call us at Vixen Workout HQ 786-334-6802



Breast Cancer Under 40: What You Need to Know

Every October our news feeds and communities come together to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. As someone who is a big advocate for everything that affects women, I’ve participated in my fair share of Breast Cancer related charities & events; but to be completely honest, I never had anyone in my family or anyone I knew personally affected by Breast Cancer so there was a slight disconnect with the cause.  

A friend of mine from High School gave me a call that started with “There’s something I need to tell you”.  When you’re in your mid-thirties, the answers to that statement are usually a) you’re pregnant b) you’re getting married c) you’re getting divorced.  Never would I have EVER guessed that the words, “I have been diagnosed with breast cancer” would be said at 35.  Weeks later I found out that another girlfriend of mine, also in her mid-thirties and a mother of 3, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I immediately felt connected to this cause

In my mind, Breast Cancer wasn’t something I’d have to worry about until I was way into my Forties and even less if I had no family history of it.  Boy, was I wrong.

I contacted my friends at UM Health and asked if we can have one of their experts come to the Vixen Workout Studio and speak to our members about Breast Cancer.  Specifically, Breast Cancer awareness for those of us under 40.  

The lovely Dr. Carmen Calfa, a Breast Oncologist from the Sylvester Cancer Center, spent an afternoon with us answering some of our questions and educating us on what we need to know about Breast Cancer under 40.

IMG_6765.PNGHere are some of the things we learned from Dr. Calfa:

  • Her Breast Cancer patients ages range from 18 being the youngest ranging all the way to 80.
  • The fight against Breast Cancer has had a lot of progress in the last 20yrs. The Mortality rate has decreased significantly— an improvement of 40%.
  • Only 20-30% of cancers diagnosed have family history. 
  • If you don’t have any family history, being checked by 40 is still the recommended age.
  • About 12% of women in the general population will develop breast cancer sometime during their lives.  By contrast, 55-65% of women who inherit the BRCA gene will develop Breast Cancer in their lifetime.  
  • Although the mortality rates have decreased, the drop in age where the diagnosis is happening has increased. It’s a population that usually don’t screen and don’t do mammograms because they think they’re too young.
  • 250,000 of the women living in the US today were diagnosed with breast cancer and are under the age of 40. 80% of those women found the cancer through self examination.
  • 20% of cancers can be missed by imaging.

Are there any factors causing this drop in age? Whats different?

Dr Calfa explains, Everything is different.  The food we eat, for example, in comparison to what our grandmothers used to eat.  We eat food filled with preservatives.

The amount of social drinking has increased tremendously and drinking has been associated to Breast Cancer.  We don’t really talk about it, but 1 drink a day is too much.  You need to cut your drinking to 3-5 drinks a week. 

Women are now much more focused on their careers and are pushing having children later in life and choosing not to breastfeed, some of us stay on birth control for 20+ years, all of these things contribute to increasing your risk of getting Breast Cancer.  

It’s CLEAR that you don’t need to have someone in your family diagnosed with Breast Cancer to be at risk for Breast Cancer.  What if you DO have family history, what steps do women with family history need to take to be proactive about their health?

It is so important to pay attention to your family history and to know what kinds of cancer is in your family history.  I see so many people not pay attention to the dad’s side, for example, Prostate Cancer is linked to the same gene that causes Breast Cancer and so is Lynch Syndrome.  It is important to know your family history, Mom & Dad’s side, 3 generations up.  

If you have 1st or 2nd degree family members who were diagnosed (Mothers/Fathers/Siblings/Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles) that were less than 50 when they were diagnosed, you need to get checked 10 years down. For example, if a family member was diagnosed at 45 you need to start getting checked at 35.

When getting a mammogram, go to a Radiology Certified place like the Sylvester Cancer Center.  3D Mammography is now available and it increased the detection of Breast Cancer by 40%.  Here are some awesome tips on how to self-screen and stay breast aware. 

Special Thanks to our friends at UM Health for making this happen and Dr. Calfa for educating us!


Janet Jones

National Lipstick Day: The History Behind Red Lipstick

Lipstick is such a big part of the Vixen Workout.  Women are encouraged to wear lipstick to workout… huh?!  For a lot of us, wearing red lipstick is a bold move.

Do you feel sexier when you wear red lipstick?


What is it about this powerful shade that makes women everywhere feel like the ultimate Bawse? It goes well beyond our love for selfies!

For women of all ages, from all walks of life, the red lip is not just a symbol of feminism and beauty, but of empowerment.  It’s also a reminder of how we keep our “ish” together, no matter how tough life can get!

The History of Red Lipstick

During World War II, cosmetic advertisers introduced politically charged ad campaigns for colors such as “Victory Red,” encouraging women to embrace beauty upkeep as part of their civic duty.  “Beauty as a Duty” became a confidence building motto in the US.  The concept of beauty as duty was used as a tool for promoting patriotism and encouraging women to become more active in the war effort. Women depicted in propaganda and advertisements always had perfect hair and makeup, even when they were shown as soldiers and factory workers. Being beautiful was seen as a way to keep up morale for the soldiers fighting the bad guys. “Victory Red” was literally part of putting on a brave face.  It symbolizes one of the reasons why we are fighting—the precious right of women to be feminine and lovely under any circumstances.



Throughout history, the red lip has been iconic, from Elizabeth Taylor, to Marilyn Monroe, to first ladies such as Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama. We love these women, not for their glamorous choices, but for what they stood for as they made such bold choices: independence, strength, and ambition.

Lipstick and Confidence: The hue that belongs to you

It’s no secret-we love for you to get glammed before doing it for the gram before, during, and after class. In a 2011 study by Procter & Gamble, researchers from Harvard and Boston University found that women felt more confident while wearing makeup! They were also perceived as more competent and reliable in a professional setting.

No matter the shade that makes you want to come out and play, what’s important is you, our fierce vixens, feel confident in whatever color you put on your lips! When you pick a shade that you feel great in, that’s what you makes you so amazingly you!

This Saturday, July 29th, is the celebration of two things we adore: National Dance Day and National Lipstick Day! We encourage all of you to come wearing your favorite shade of lip ( RED would be preferable!) and come ready to dance and serve face with your Vixen Army friends.

Michelle Zambrana, Vixen Blog Contributor


Fitness Trackers: Are they Worth the Splurge?

fitness trackers-We all have that one friend that will break out into what seems like an Irish step dance if their Fitness Tracker alerted them of being behind on their steps. Or the friend who will out-dance, out-treadmill, out-anything you do in order to get more calories burned on their tracker. So what’s the deal? It seems like everyone has one, and some come with a hefty price tag… but are they worth it?

Fitness tracking bands have become the must-have accessory for fitness fanatics and non-fitness fanatics alike. Nowadays Fitness Trackers not only count your steps, monitor your heart and measure your quality of sleep, but they also remind you to move when you’ve been inactive. They also come in sleek fashionable designs so you can wear them beyond the gym and into a night out, perhaps in case you want to count how many steps were completed dancing to “Despacito” with your girlfriends.

Sounds amazing, but our expert friends at the University of Miami Health System share that science indicates these results may not be as accurate as you think. 


Researchers tested several of the most popular models, with participants taking part in 13 different activities, including running and playing basketball. They said the results showed the bands were at best ‘reasonably accurate,’ but that most were more than 10 percent out when estimating calories burned.

So do Fitness Trackers help you lose weight? The answer is, it depends. Check out UHealth’s blog post to read what the experts have to say about the benefits of tracking – according research. If you are already fit, fitness trackers are a great way to measure your heart rate and keep track of your workouts. Will it make you lose weight? Well, thats up to you. Your diet and exercise program is what will help you lose weight, but if having a tracker on your wrist will get you motivated then yes they’re worth it!

Stay Hungry, Live Fierce.

Janet Jones

Take a Tour of The Vixen Workout Studio in Miami, FL


Inside View and More!

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by our brand new dance fitness studio, you absolutely should! Why? Well, the entire facility is designed to make you feel like you’re on tour and, after just one visit, you’ll probably start feeling like you’re ready to headline at the next MTV VMA’s (Video Music Awards). Follow us through an inside view of the experience:

The first thing you want to do when you step into Vixen Workout Studio is getting your “Backstage Pass” or “Ticket” at the “Box Office” (a.k.a. Front Desk)…



After your credentials are all set, proceed “Backstage” to get ready for the “Show” (a.k.a Class)…






Once you’re ready to perform, head to the “Stage” entrance (a.k.a Dance Room entrance) for “Call Time”…




“On Stage”, remember to warm up, stretch, take a few deep breaths, and do whatever you gotta do to get in the zone… Ready for Showtime?




Important! Don’t forget to stay after class for the group pic. It is especially useful to tease your followers on social media 😉


If you find yourself in need of help after class but the “Crew” (a.k.a. Staff) is unavailable due to an overflow of “Talent” (a.k.a. Instructors & Clients) or VIPs (a.k.a. Members), then you can find the HQ Team inside the “Production Office” and they will gladly provide assistance…


We hope you have an amazing experience at the Vixen Workout Studio in Wynwood!


Studio Address: 547 NW 28th Street, Miami, FL 33127

Parking: Metered For Now (we are actively working to improve this)

Contact Info: 786-334-6802  |

Click Below To:

See all the perks of becoming a Studio Member!

Secure a 30-Day Trial Intro Offer (new/first-time clients only)

Purchase a 5 Class Pass

Purchase a 10 Class Pass

Purchase One Class

To save 20% on your class pass or membership, use code: MEMORIAL20 (valid until Monday, May 29th at 11:59 PM)



This article was written by Sonja Edel

Meet Janet Jones, Founder of the Vixen Workout.


Torch 1,000 Calories in Wynwood With This Former Miami Heat Dancer

Vixen Studio has it down to a science: leggings, flannel and lipstick


First rule of Vixen: You do not talk about Vixen. Not when you can Instagram about it at a glam bar with selfie-optimal lighting.

And at the new Vixen Studio in Miami, that’s only expected. The successful hip-hop dance fitness class founded by former Miami Heat dancer Janet Jones recently opened its first 3,000-square-foot permanent studio in Wynwood, not far from where the Vixen workout founder got her start.

“I was a dancer. Then, I got into choreography and production, which led me to become a talent agent for dancers,” Jones told the Observer. “My first agency was called Jones Talent and it was located on 36th street and North Miami Avenue back in 2006. So, I’ve always loved [the Wynwood] area. I love the energy here. It’s like coming full circle, opening a studio here.”

And for the legions of women who count themselves as part of the “Vixen Army,” that means the chance to channel their inner Rihanna or Beyoncé, seven days a week. The new studio features a retail space where merchandise is displayed on concert tour crate cases, a pre- and post-workout lounge and a larger-than-life vanity accompanied by director’s chairs for make-up touch ups before the class begins. But the main attraction is the space’s “Center Stage.” Dancers file in beneath a large marquee box into a dance studio that recreates a live-stage experience through an hour-long sweat session featuring concert lights, loud hip hop and sexy choreography—with moves like the “kitten pose” and plenty of body rolls. Each class torches between 400-600 calories for new dancers, and up to 1,000 calories for the veterans.

“Up to now, we’ve been operating via pop-up. We’ve never had the opportunity to really provide a true Vixen workout experience, which was always to give the public a sense of what it feels like to be up on stage,” Jones said. “So, if you notice, the studio looks like you’re on stage. This is actual stage flooring.”

But the uniform found in pop-up classes all around the country remains the same. And the women of the Vixen Army have it down to a science: black leggings, flannel shirt wrapped around the waist, lipstick and wedge sneakers, if they’re feeling up to the challenge. This uniform is part of the Vixen persona—one that’s found itself as voice for women’s empowerment.

“What inspired the whole workout, was not only my dance experience, but my leaving it behind. In doing that, I came to realize what most women go through. It’s that 9 to 5 grind being repeated over and over again. Life just becomes an autopilot experience,” said Jones. “And that had never happened to me before, because my life had been on the stage—it was always those moments of being the most alive ever, over and over again. I then realized that most woman had never even experienced that ‘alive’ feeling. Because they’re so tied up in their routine, they don’t even get the opportunity to discover who they are on the inside.”

“Dance forces you to do that. You don’t have time to think,” Jones continued. “It’s a black room, the lights are off and you have no other choice than to connect with yourself and what the music makes you feel. And that feeling, if you take it outside of the studio, makes you start asking questions about your life. And that changes people.”

As for the future of Vixen, Jones has her sights set on another flagship location in Manhattan, with the possibility of expansion to the West Coast. “We have over 150 certified instructors that are all over the United States, Canada and the Dominican Republic,” said Ms. Jones. “I’d like to have those flagships—places where our certified instructors can come in and know what they’re supposed to replicate. But for now, I’m happy to continue focusing on expanding the certified instructor program as much as I can.”

Jackie Gutierrez-Jones is a freelance editor and writer who covers lifestyle, travel and parenting. She’s contributed her local expertise and copy to UrbanDaddy, Time Out, Mommy Nearest, Vivala, Eater Miami, Whole Foods Market and the Frost Museum of Science. Follow her on Twitter at @jaxiscool.

See original article here

Vixen Army: Senior Vanessa Richter introduces empowering workout class to campus

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 9.34.28 PM

Cadence Neenan, Senior Staff Reporter

The overhead lights dim, the multicolored dance lights flicker across the ceiling and roughly 30 excited girls crowd close to the mirror, stretching and striking a few poses — walking into a Vixen Workout class can be intimidating.

Within moments, however, Vanessa Richter, Vixen Workout instructor and Tulane senior, leads you through a militant call-and-response of self affirmation: “Yes, I’m sexy, yes I’m fierce, yes I got this, yes!”

This femme-fierce attitude is what defines Vixen. Originally inspired by the Miami clubbing scene, Vixen is an “intense hip hop cardio” workout class. Instead of doing squats or crunches, class attendees spend the hour-long class popping, locking and booty dropping.

And now, with the help of Richter, one of the youngest instructors of the “Vixen Army,” Vixen has arrived at the Reily Student Recreation Center.

“At first, it had a little bit of a negative stigma, because it sounds like this sexy workout class, so they didn’t want to approve it at first,” Richter said.

After teaching practice classes for free to friends and friends-of-friends, Richter returned with a petition and her own personal “Vixen Army” to again request that Vixen be featured at Reily.

“It wasn’t until I started teaching and I did my demo class that they could really understand what it was,” Richter said, “How it’s not just sexy dancing, but it’s bringing these women together, and it’s an escape, where you can be this alter-ego or find your true self and let go.”

With the lights down, and the sounds of Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj or Pitbull blaring around you, whatever inhibitions you might have had about an hour-long workout class chock full of hair flipping and sexy strutting are left at the door — that’s the beauty of Vixen. As it says on the Vixen website, “Each workout creates a fun club atmosphere where women can let loose, forget responsibilities and transform into their ‘alter-ego’ or as we say ‘getting your Beyoncé, Ciara, Rihanna on.’”

Richter ensures a space of empowerment by beginning every class reminding everyone that the class is a safe environment.

“I always say it’s a safe space, no judgments, and that is rare, especially in college when a lot of women are going through a hard time,” Richter said, “And a big transition and trying to figure out who you are and what you want in your life, and I think that escape is really special.”

It’s this attitude of female empowerment, of sisterhood and of acceptance that makes Vixen unique. Walking into the class might be intimidating, especially if you haven’t gone before. The routines build in difficulty throughout the semester, so attending for the first time can be confusing, but by the end, you realize everyone is too busy sweating and panting to bother checking anyone else out in the mirror.

“I always say to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and you’ll discover things about yourself that you didn’t even know you could feel or do,” Richter said. “This class is a safe space that we’ve created, with a sisterhood of women.”

See original article HERE

Vixen Workout Founder Janet Jones to Open Wynwood Studio

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 9.30.04 PM


Janet Jones shows off Vixen Workout’s newest studio in Wynwood.
Courtesy of Vixen Workout

Janet Jones wants you to shake things up — and not just your booty. The founder of Vixen Workout, a hip-hop-inspired dance-fitness program, is opening a new studio May 1 in Wynwood after a five-year journey of rediscovering herself.

“All of us, as women, go through the same thing,” she says, “growing up with mixed messages about what we’re supposed to be.”

Jones began her rich and varied life as a dancer in classical ballet and explored many forms of movement, including martial arts. She earned a BFA, performed with the Miami Heat Dancers, and worked in Los Angeles with celebrity choreographers in the entertainment industry. She honed her knack for stage production while dancing on major artists’ tours and TV network shows.

Once she returned to Miami, the business-savvy Jones opened a talent agency for dancers. It all looked good. But the agency took a hit in 2008 during the Great Recession. So she settled into a more traditional life: marriage, motherhood, and a job in corporate America.

“I stopped listening to my heart and was trying to fit into a mold,” she says. “I thought that would be my happily ever after. I thought all of that would make me an adult. But it was the death of my spirit.”

The 9-to-5 grind drove her into depression. “Most women never discover what it’s like to be alive,” she says. “We go to work. We serve everyone else. We put ourselves last.

“You can read dozens of books and attend dozens of seminars on empowerment,” she adds. “But you are still in a battle with everything you’ve heard and seen through society’s messaging.”

Vixen Workout founder Janet Jones.

Vixen Workout founder Janet Jones.
David Alvarez Trick Productions

The year Vixen Workout was born, Jones had no idea her heart’s calling would come back so strongly. It all began innocently enough and perhaps a bit un-Vixen like: She simply added a Monday-night fitness class for moms at a dance studio for kids she opened in 2012.

Business picked up. By 2013, she had so many women signing up for the hip-hop-inspired cardio routines that she moved classes to a larger space in Coconut Grove. By then, more than 100 members of the Vixen Army — as loyal fans are called — were consistently lining up for each class of the workout that helps women get their “Beyoncé, Ciara, and Rihanna on” while reclaiming their self-confidence.

“Vixen is such a powerful force in the empowerment of women because it forces you to mute decades of negative messaging that we all carry in our heads,” she says.

That same year, Jones opened pop-ups in Manhattan. By 2015, she had created a certification program for the signature workout. Today 120 certified instructors and counting teach Vixen Workout across the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic.

On May 1, Jones will open the first stand-alone Vixen Workout studio in Wynwood. She has no regrets about having to start all over again. Her passion for dance has come full circle in a more balanced life.

Dance was the answer, which she hopes will help other women on their own paths. “Dance forces you to disconnect from your consciousness and connect with bodily self and spiritual self,” she explains, “your truest self.”

Jones has since remarried and is raising her daughter, now 7, who started dancing a year ago. “Vixen isn’t a children’s dance class, but she asks to come to work with me because she loves to see everyone dance,” she says of her daughter.

The majority of Miami’s Vixen Army, who are encouraged to vamp up their workout looks with “red lipstick and hair done like they’re performing in their own concert,” range in age from their 20s to 30s. “But we’ve got college-aged girls,” Jones says, “and recently a woman celebrated her 65th birthday party with Vixen.”

The Vixen Workout is open to all levels. Classes teach easy-to-learn routines with variations inspired by whatever is trending in pop culture. Atmosphere lighting adds a glam vibe to the one-hour fitness practice, which is a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout disguised as choreography. “It’s what makes Vixen so fun,” Jones says. “If there’s a viral dance, we’ll incorporate it. But the fundamentals are the same.”

Jones began her dance career as a little girl wearing a tight ballerina bun, but now she lets her hair — and spirit — flow freely. “You need to take care of yourself first,” she says, “so you can be better prepared to take care of others.”

See original article HERE

Vixen Workout Studio: Opening Schedule

#VIXENARMY Are you ready?!!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.  During the month of April, the Vixen Workout will transition to the new Wynwood Studio.  We will continue to hold classes with a limited schedule at our Body & Soul location until the studio opens on April 29th.  Below you will find the schedule of classes and special events leading up to our opening day.  

(Broward schedule will remain the same.)


We will have a limited class schedule at Body & Soul leading up to our Wynwood Studio opening on April 29th.  Thursday, April 13th will be our last class at Body & Soul.   

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.35.59 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.36.30 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.37.03 AM.png

#VIXENARMY who have taken advantage of our Studio Membership Pre-sales have the opportunity to be the first to preview the studio and break-in the new dance room with a class with Founder, Janet Jones and our best Master Trainers.  If you have a membership, make sure to RSVP for the Members Only Hard Hat Tour and Preview Class below.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.51.03 AM

If you’re on the fence on whether or not you should get a membership, we say YASSSSS gurl do it! Let us tell you why.– Once we open for official business, the rate of our membership will go up (to $150 to be exact).  Although the perks will be the same, the fees for additional classes & late cancel/no-shows are a bit more expensive.  Our membership only requires a 3-month commitment (a big YAS for us commitment-phobes).  To sign up for the Pre-Sale Membership click below.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 6.29.08 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 6.28.56 PM

Here is the schedule effective May 1st.  We will be adding classes to our morning and early evening schedule in May.  

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.54.24 AM

The Wynwood Studio is located at 547 NW 28 Street Miami, FL 33137 right next to the Miami Ad School.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 6.35.42 PM

5 Ways To Escape A Bad Date


Meet @TheJanelleMarie, an actress, dancer, host, and  Certified Vixen Workout instructor in Los Angeles.  She is also the first-ever Latina Host on Monster Jam.  Being single in Los Angeles you find your fair share of Mr. Wrongs and dates that couldn’t end fast enough. Janelle has been nice enough to create this video to help the rest of us escape Mr. Wrong.  By the time you’re done watching her hilarious YouTube video you’ll be fully equipped with the best exit strategies for any bad date scenario. 

Follow Janelle on Youtube and Instagram